I-5 Colonnade

I-5 Colonnade Park map by David Cole

Map created by David Cole : Creative for the I-5 Colonnade bike park

I-5 Colonnade is the first ever urban mountain bike skills park. It’s part of a City of Seattle park, but was funded and constructed by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (formerly Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club). The park features a novice area – the Tqalu Trail; an intermediate and advanced area – Limestone Loop; a dirt jumping section; pump track; trials area and more.


A Valley Like This

William Stafford poem at Washington Pass

A Valley Like This is one of the seven Methow Valley poems by William Stafford. The poems are placed along the watershed of the Methow Valley, from Washington Pass to the Columbia River. This is the poem that was read at our wedding.

The locations of all seven poems:

  1. Time for Serenity, Anyone? – where the Methow River meets the Columbia.
  2. From the Wild People – between the towns of Methow and Carlton.
  3. Ask Me – north of the ranger station in Winthrop.
  4. Is This Feeling About the West Real? – also north of the ranger station in Winthrop.
  5. Where We Are – near the suspension footbridge east of Mazama.
  6. Silver Star – in front of Silver Star mountain.
  7. A Valley Like This – at the scenic overlook at Washington Pass.

Big Valley trail sign

Interpretive sign on the Big Valley Trail

The Big Valley Trail in the Methow Valley is part of the Methow Valley Sport Trails network. It’s part of the Cascades Loop of the Great Washington State Birding Trail.

The 1,000-acre Big Valley parcel was purchased through the efforts of the Methow Institute Foundation, which recently announced that the organization will be disbanding. Big Valley is part of the Methow Wildlife Unit and is managed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.