Concept electric scooter in bamboo, by Antoine Fritsch

I’m becoming a bit jaded when it comes to concept vehicles. Most of them are either wildly impractical, overly futuristic, gauchely shiny, or all of the above.

This concept scooter by French firm Antoine Fritsch, however, looks both elegant and practical. Bamboo has a natural springiness that would make this a sweet ride, and with decent-sized wheels and disc brakes it looks efficiently capable.

The text is in French, but here’s a rough translation of the description:

“The T2 O project proposes a sweet mode mode of alternative travel. This study is part of research projects that the Agency Fritsch-Durisotti leads regularly on the themes of the evolution of our behaviors and of sustainable development. Somewhere between bike and scooter, this product proposes a structure entirely in bamboo, evidence of the relevance of natural fibers in areas where we do not expected them. Powered by an electric motor, the accelerated phase is assisted by the user as on a scooter. Its cruise speed is 35 km/h for a range of 40 km.

Materials used: bamboo, cork, steel, aluminum, rubber.”

More concept bikes can be seen on the website // story via Wired