Truckee Pump

Cortney Knudson diggin’ for Truckee

Mikey Silvestry, dust devil

Concept plan for Truckee Pump Park

File this under: Why Doesn’t Every Town Have One? Truckee, California has a crazy beautiful new place for riders. It’s more than a pump track – it’s a BMX-style pump park, with starting mound, lots and lots of lops, and a strider loop surrounding it for the groms.

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Budnitz bikes

Budnitz Bicycles No.3 Black Steel

Adding to the ranks of boutique bicycle builders, Paul Budnitz builds these elegant city bikes from titanium and CoMo steel. Components are from Chris King, Thomson, Paul Components, Phil Wood, and other high end makers. No suspension: just a cantilever frame design, wide tires,  and the forgiving nature of steel and TI.

Budnitz builds with top-notch components

There’s also no chain. Budnitz uses a Gates carbon belt drive with with either a single-speed or 11-speed Shimano Alfine automatic hub.

Gates carbon belt drive

These are damn pretty bikes. When I’m rich and famous, I’ll get one and let you know how it rides.