Reroute I

Lopez Hill work party, December 2010

This tree tipped in a windstorm and took the trail with it. Rather than cut the tree, we decided to reroute the trail around the root mass. What was a tricky but unremarkable spot on the trail is now a section with a cool natural feature.

Trail reroute, from below

Trail reroute, from above


I-5 Colonnade

I-5 Colonnade Park map by David Cole

Map created by David Cole : Creative for the I-5 Colonnade bike park

I-5 Colonnade is the first ever urban mountain bike skills park. It’s part of a City of Seattle park, but was funded and constructed by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (formerly Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club). The park features a novice area – the Tqalu Trail; an intermediate and advanced area – Limestone Loop; a dirt jumping section; pump track; trials area and more.

Duthie Hill 7

Line choices in Duthie Hill Park

Duthie’s XC trails are being built using a 7-step process:
1. Flag
2. Brush / Log
3. Bench
4. Fix flow
5. Fix drainage / finish bench
6. Add features and options
7. Finish

Source: Duthie 7 Steps on Evergreen’s excellent wiki.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Washington State’s biigest MTB club, started building Duthie Park in 2008. Phase I officially opened summer of 2010. Read more about Duthie Hill.

P.S. Want to help them build more trails? Check out the work party schedule.